What makes Bangkok so attractive for medical operations?

Multitudes of people are flying to places such as Bangkok to undergo medical procedures, from cosmetic surgery to hip replacements and much more. They’re combining their affordable medical treatments with sightseeing and fun and returning home with a glow that everybody wants to know about.

Many treatments offered ‘under one roof’

Thailand has a bustling medical industry and it has become a sought after medical destination for people from other parts of the world. Many of Bangkok’s doctors have received their training from leading universities in the USA and UK.

The hospitals in Thailand come with many different departments and sectors which means that instead of having to visit several clinics or hospitals, you can get everything down under one roof. The large hospitals in Bangkok are able to offer many different treatments.

Thailand has a large healthcare sector, with the country ranking tops in the ASEAN group in public healthcare expenditure. Those visiting Thailand for medical treatments will enjoy the benefits of modern healthcare facilities that are super clean, equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment, attractive and safe and also affordable.

Excellent spa facilities to promote healing

Some of these hospitals in Bangkok have received certification from the USA for their superb healthcare services. Thailand has about 256 private hospitals and 33 spas and these are world-class.

Lancaster Bangkok is a world-class 5-star hotel found in the Makkasan area and close to the airport rail link as well as the underground station. It is also close to some top restaurants and wellness options. In fact, when it comes to Bangkok spas, you’d have to look far and wide to find a better spa than the one the Lancaster Bangkok offers.

The spa – Viva Jiva, offers a host of holistic modern therapies. If you’re in Bangkok because of a medical operation, this hotel with its spa is the perfect place to recuperate. Apart from the relaxing massages, there is also a sauna, steam room and ice therapy area. There is also an excellent gym.

You get the full package

Bangkok is the ideal place to visit for medical treatments as it offers the full package. It offers you quality, luxurious accommodation complete with restorative health spas and perfectly situated close to all amenities.


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