The Brief History of Gin and Three of Its Most Famous Combinations

Gin is a clear, distilled alcoholic drink flavoured with juniper berries. It’s one of the largest categories of spirits revolving around juniper berries as a common ingredient.

History of gin – learn about the origin of gin

The origin of gin is traced back to the medieval period. The drink evolved from being herbal medicine to become an important object of commerce in the industry of spirits. It emerged in England after jenever was introduced. Jenever is a Belgian and Dutch liquor that was originally a medicine. This development took place in the early 17th century; however, it became widespread after the William III-led Revolution of 1688 as well as subsequent import restrictions on brandy from France.

Today, gin is produced in subtly various ways from different herbal ingredients, giving rise to several distinct brands and styles. Apart from juniper, gin is also flavoured with fruit-flavours, floral, spice, botanical/herbal or a combination of these ingredients.

Classic Gin Martini – an emblem of style and elegance

A real Martini must have gin, and its beauty is in the ingredients: Dry vermouth and gin mixed in the preferred proportions of the guest then stirred. It’s the cocktail base for many drinks and can be prepared to the guest’s specifications.

Gin and Tonic – light and refreshing

Gin and tonic is a classic and easy highball cocktail that’s light and refreshing. It’s made with tonic water and gin poured over ice. It’s ideal for those looking for an invigorating beverage. The ratio of tonic to gin varies according to the strength of the gin, taste or other drink mixers that will be added. However, most recipes call for a ratio of between 1:1 and 1:3. It’s often garnished with a wedge or slice of lime.

Gimlet – great on hot days

Gimlet is a cocktail made of one part lime juice and two parts gin. This essential cocktail was originally created for sailors for the purpose of preventing scurvy. It did not take long for people to realise that the preventative drink was delicious. While this disease has been forgotten, Gimlet is here to stay. Here is a site with more popular gin combinations

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