Pregnancy Facials: Procedures

Pregnancy drastically changes a woman’s body. Unfortunately, most of the changes make the mother to be a little uncomfortable. Some women will also develop skin issues due to the hormonal changes. They may experience increased dark spots, oiliness, acne, or dryness. These are reasons why self-pampering can be a great idea. Getting a pregnancy facial can be one of these self-care procedures.

Should You Get Facials While Pregnant?

It is safe to get some facials while pregnant. However, like any other procedure, it is important to check with your health provider to know if the procedure is safe for you. The skin also gets pretty sensitive during pregnancy. You may want to discontinue more intensive facials near the end of your pregnancy.

What Procedures Are Safe to Perform During Pregnancy?

– Oxygen facials: These facials remove any fine lines or wrinkles while increasing blood circulation on the face.
– Deep-cleansing facials include moisturisation, exfoliation, and masks. They help reduce oil levels and give you a brighter-looking complexion.
– Hydrating facials They use water, elastin and collagen to moisturize, hydrate and cleanse the skin.

What Procedures Should You Avoid?

– Chemical peels: Since the skin is very sensitive, this procedure may harm the skin more than improve it.
– Retinoids: They contain high amounts of vitamin A that may cause developmental issues in unborn babies.
Microdermabrasion: The procedure may cause breakouts, irritation and scarring since the skin is hypersensitive during pregnancy.

In addition, avoid trying out new products during pregnancy to avoid unexpected reactions. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about any pregnancy facial procedure or are under medication that contraindicates the products you use on the skin.


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